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White Label Space Foundation Established

The White Label Space team has officially registered as a foundation under Dutch law. This important step gives the team a legal entity that can receive funding and execute projects for customers. The White Label Space Foundation has the goal to promote innovative solutions for space travel, particularly in the fields of exploration, science and commerce. The following members make up the Foundation’s board of directors: Steve Allen, the leader of White Label Space's Google Lunar X PRIZE team, will also join the Foundation as a Director. The Foundation is based at the team’s headquarters in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, on the premises of the partner company AOES Group BV.
Contact Details: White Label Space Foundation Address: Huygensstraat 34, 2201DK Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands Telephone: +31 (0)715 795 535 Fax: +31 (0)715 721 277 Email: info@whitelabelspace.com
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