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Mission Concept

After many months of work we are finally ready to release our first major technical description of our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission. We call it the Mission Concept Summary and it is available for download on the web at: http://white-label-space.googlegroups.com/web/WLS-GLXP-Mission_Concept_Summary_01-Dec-09.pdf
Surface Mission Elements of the White Label Space GLXP Mission
The Mission Concept Summary reports on the results of our conceptual design study, which was based on the Basic GLXP Mission Guidelines. The primary goals of the study were to: • Provide a baseline mission concept, including launcher selection and mission analysis for the lunar transfer, descent & landing • Define the Space Segment elements • Identify the critical technologies As you will see from recent blog posts, we are still growing our team. If you have particular skills in space engineering or your organization is interested in becoming an Official Partner of White Label Space, please send an email to: system@whitelabelspace.com If you are interested in sending a non-GLXP payload to the surface of the Moon, we would like to study your interface and design requirements so please send an email to: payloads@whitelabelspace.com
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