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Mark Bentley - Team Scientist of White Label Space

Dr Mark Bentley is a planetary scientist at the Space Research Institute (IWF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS) and has experiece working on many previous and planned space science missions with international partners from around the world. He has a passion for space science and in particular the scientific exploration of the Moon. A specialist in the fields of Space Weathering, in situ instrumentation and data analysis, Mark's PhD research investigated the process of space weathering as it might occur on Mercury through a series of laboratory experiments. His postdoctoral research work at Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute of the UK's Open University focussed development of the HP3 gamma-ray backscatter densitometer (DEN) originally proposed for ESA's BepiColombo Lander (MSE). In this video Mark explains the science benefits you can expect from our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission and future missions that will be made possible with the technologies that we are developing for landing on the Moon and moving across its surface.
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