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Dust is the number one enemy of every house on the planet. Not to mention those who suffer from allergies. On our planet, it's pretty simple: you just take a broom and a dustpan, and you're done. But for our engineers, the dust (aka "rock dust") on the surface of the moon is far from being a nuisance that can be solved with a damp cloth and a cleaning spray. There are several problems that dust might cause, which our Mission Analysis team is currently confronting:

In SpaceIL, we believe that no age is too young to start learning about space and to inspire the young generation! Earlier this month, attended by about 700 kindergarden teachers, we launched a new educational program, which is a collaboration between SpaceIL and "Da-Gan": a center of promoting Mathematics, Science and Technology in preschools. The program will be integrated into preschools on the upcoming school year. Good Luck!
July 18, 2013 - by A Sweet Clouser

70 years ago, Mr. Isaac Bash was forced to perform forced-labor at the "Volkswagen" factory in Germany. Eventually, he came to Israel as a Holocaust survivor and started a family. Last week, his grandson Yariv Bash- one of SpaceIL's Co-Founders, got a chance for a closure: He was invited to lecture in a Volkswagen convention about SpaceIL - the Israeli project to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon.
This incredible story was published in a Israeli newspaper.

July 11, 2013 - by SpaceIL's Navigation System

Have you ever thought how do you navigate in space without a GPS?
As opposed to the navigation techniques used on earth, there is no GPS in space. Therefore, our engineers at the SpaceIL team had to find and create special navigation systems and orbit correction solutions in order to maintain the spacecraft's flight path.
The following are unique technological developments and navigation systems that will be integrated into the spacecraft:

July 4, 2013 - by SpaceIL Spacecraft's Orbit

This video, made using the STK satellite modelling & trajectory planning software, shows the spacecraft's planned journey as it travels from the Earth to the Moon. This is a work product of our engineers at Mission Analysis Team:

Our mission computer is based on the "Leon 3 Processor" - CPU spatial, the world's most advanced processor. It was developed by "Ramon" company in the Technion, in cooperation with "Gaisel" company.
The mission computer is responsible for running the control software and controlling the various indices of the spacecraft, such as: the accelerometer, the star-tracker and more.

Israel's beloved president, Shimon Peres, a huge supporter of SpaceIL, was celebrating his 90th birthday! So we couldn't resist making him a Birthday Card. 


June 12, 2013 - by Sights on excellence

The event "6 sights on excellence" of the "Hinuch LePsagot" organization took place in "Habima" theater last Friday. Yanki Margalit, chairman of SpaceIL's publc board, was there to speak about our team's spacecraft.

Our dear friend Michael Kaplan left Israel to go on a trip and didn't forget to pack our team's spacecraft model! He sent us this AWSOME picture of our spacecraft miniature model "landing" at 3.6 km high at Rockey mountain national park, near Estes park, Colorado, USA.
Amazing, isn't it?


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