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Start Me Up

Friends, romans, countryman, lend me your ears!

We all know caeser has been dead for quite a while, no surprises there, so how have all of you been?
As per usual, we talking to whomever willing to listen. This week  from the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Isreal conference, MIT forum in Israel to the Shiluvim Alumni Association. If you've been there, tell us what you thought of it! We'd love to get feedback.

On a more general tone, our enterprise has grown to a 110+ person operation in such a short time. Between the race against the clock to accomplish as much as possible (Because we want to make sure we're ahead) pitching our technology and vision (Gentlemen, we can build it. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the 10 million dollar spacecraft. Better, stronger, faster) and getting as many people involved as aware of our cause as possible, we came to realize this team is a start up team. It's not like any other start-up, but a national one. 

This is probably the best time to mention that anyone who wants to join can reach as at

-- Adi Mendelowitz







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