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Creating An Impact

Hey everyone!

Remember a few weeks back I mentioned a Chinese news channel making a story about us? Well, here it is:

"The challenge, Damari said, is to take that know-how a step further. The professionals who have volunteered for the project, among them some of Israel's most revered space experts, are currently grappling with several issues, including the ignition system, optic-visual navigation, beaming imagery to earth and the intricacies of enabling the nano-satellite a smooth lunar landing.


While 20 million U.S. dollars is a major motivator for anyone, the Israelis said they're not seeking personal gain, but rather plan to invest the prize money in the vision that originally prompted their registration in December last year: inspiring the country's younger generation to pursue engineering and the sciences and to dream big, just like Neil Armstrong did when he disembarked from the Apollo 11 and took the first step on the moon in 1969.


-- Adi Mendelowitz 

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