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More on Puli, Mars & Morocco

The Puli rover prototype is checked, packaged, and on its way to Mars - or rather the quite realistic Mars simulation experiment organized by the Austrian Space Forum. Our I2 rover will navigate an area of the Moroccan part of the Sahara during the simulation as if it were Mars, while other participants will be testing space suit simulators and other equipment for a future manned mission to our planetary neighbor. The simulation will take place in February, which is why all instruments are already collected and packaged, and are were shipped in cargo containers across the sea. Once the rover "lands" in the target area, Team Puli Space members will direct its actions from the the mission control center in Budapest like a real Mars mission.

Read more details from our Máté Ravasz here. And, stay tuned - the MARS2013 Field Crew is already in Morocco!

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