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TSD environmental tests facility

A new video has been loaded on the YouTube channel of the Team Italia. The video has been produced by TSD which is part of the Team.

The very interesting video shows the testing room where TSD performs environmental tests on flight equipments. The shaker, the heating oven and the vacuum thermal chamberallow performing of vibration test, shock test and thermal vacuum test on space equipments.

The video shows the thermal vacuum test of a EML (Electro-Magnetic Levitator) equipment. The Electro-Magnetic Levitator is a multi-user facility for material science research onboard the International Space Station (ISS). EML will allow the scientific users to perform a variety of studies with scientific samples in a container-less environment w.r.t. research in the field of meta-stable states and phases as well as measurement of thermo-physical properties. All experiments will be observed by dedicated video cameras.


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