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MUL2 Group video presentation

MUL2 Group led by Professor Erasmo Carrera of Politecnico di Torino is involved in Google Lunar X PRIZE competition with Team Italia. MUL2 stands for Multilayered structures in multifield analysis.
Multilayered structures (MLSs) are being extensively adopted in an increasing number of engineering fields, including aerospace, automotive and civil engineering. MLSs are, in fact, greatly advantageous because of their low weight and high strength. MLSs can be of different types, such as fiber-reinforced composites or sandwiches with foam cores. The classical structural analysis tools are often not enough to predict the structural behavior of MLSs. The MUL2 project is devoted to the development of advanced structural models for MULSs with particular attention given to the multifileld analysis and the fluid-structure interactions. This video briefly presents MUL2 Group.

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