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The ASSET-AeroSpace System Engineering Team, one the components of Politecnico di Torino attending to Team Italia had a peculiar engagement on successful maiden flight of new advance launcher VEGA, on 13th February 2012. One of the university cubesat lauched by VEGA, in fact, is E-ST@R (Educational – SaTellite @ Politecnico di toRino), conceived, designed, integrated by a number of AeroSpace Degree Courses for more than 3 years under ASSET support and coordination.

The E-ST@R goal is at first educational as its development has been promoted (in the same way for the other six cubesats, of other six European Universities, on board of VEGA) by ESA Educational Office acting as a Customer forcing the development to be driven up, with requests of producing documents, passing checks, respects regulations,  in “like industrial” way.

Other results obtained have been the experience in managing relatively complex program and  the habit to pursue low cost solution in design, manufacturing, integration, tests and operations, that ASSET think will be very useful in Team Italia future activities.

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