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In support of "Our Future in Space"

Team Indus is happy to support "Our Future in Space", there are some fun takeaways for all backers - 3 days to go, lets help them to their next stretch goal!


Space: The Infinite Opportunity

The National Space Society (NSS) wants to give you a truly inspiring and informative look at the future of space development.  NSS is the leading grassroots space advocacy group in the U.S., and fights for both space exploration and commercial development of space.   We believe in a bright future with humanity charging out into the solar system.

The resources in space are critical to humanity's future.  Space offers us unlimited clean energy through space based solar power and effectively unlimited raw materials from the Moon & the asteroids.  New metals, crystals, drugs and other materials can be made in the microgravity environment of space that can't be made on Earth.  The knowledge and wealth generated from our expansion into space will trigger an economic and scientific renaissance.  This will be the next great technological and industrial revolution.

Our Kickstarter Project will create a high quality video presentation that shows why space exploration and development are needed, how they will greatly benefit us all, and why the time to get involved is right now.  This is not a history lesson.  This is an inspiring view of the future.

We've gathered a truly stellar team of creative experts who have agreed to bring our video to life, but first we need your support to make it happen.

We invite you to look over the all-star team of professionals who have agreed to work with NSS on this project. They have the experience to create a great production; one that will entertain and inspire.

Pledge your support at - "Our Future in Space" Kickstarter project page


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