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Moonshot despite the Unknown unknowns

Moving on to the mysterious and exciting world of the "Unknown unknowns"!

These are the pieces of your project that you are totally unaware of – and there usually are a few of them for most projects - for a moonshot, you can count on these coming to bite you on a reasonably frequent basis - you don’t even know that it is there, but it will slip you up and bring you crashing to the ground.

You know to expect these thanks to Mr Murphy's law - “Anything that can, will go wrong”. What we can do from a project management perspective is to "prepare and budget" for these laws catching up with our plans, having said that - this isn't really Civil Engineering where one can potentially budget for 300% margins on the ideal design and to an extent with the plan as well.

All major project segments build in a buffer, all sub-systems & assemblies build in a margin - and you budget for truckloads of Redbull to ensure folks at work can pull through the night & the weekend without nodding away.

Happy moonshot planning!

*Image credit Red Bull Stratos

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