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2012 @TeamIndus

2012 HIGHLIGHTS @TeamIndus


  1. Our team doubled in size. Our planned work quadrupled. Therefore still running behind schedule – Pratik, it’s a moon mission, get your team to stick to timelines!
  2. We got to the Moon, inside of a simulation, we now have a set of trajectories that take us on to the lunar surface in under 70 hours. We think that's pretty cool, Nirmal joins an exclusive club of 248,673 Indians who can pull this off on STK.
  3. Our Facebook fan following grew meteorically, and we absolutely love to brag about that, great work Anurag, IC & Sameer.
  4. We put together half a dozen events - Chiranjiv well done - some attended by schoolkids, industry leaders, Nobel laureates, potential investors and more. We will need to make some of them stick - better luck in the coming year Dilip, Julius & Rahul.
  5. We built a rover as a testbed and tested obstacle tackling and basic locomotion with it – Vinayak & Vasu don't quite agree with the locomotion design. Malar, Nitish & Akash good work with the control interface.
  6. We also began building our lander and asked Udit to stand on top of it, first stress test cleared
  7. We built all that, but we broke a solar panel. And a chair. The solar panel getting destroyed didn't hurt so much. The chair did, cause Jasjot was sitting on it.
  8. We got most of the Lander sub-systems figured out, Guru & Pratyush however think we won't be done till we enable HAM operators to speak to our Lander, seriously!
  9. We have some very pretty structural simulations of the Lander. Yes, pretty - if you haven't seen structural simulation output before you should, they look gorgeous – Prashant, Peeyush, Anubhav you are only 5 weeks behind schedule
  10. We met fellow GLXP team EuroLuna on their India visit. As usual we discussed terra-forming & warp drives :)

So where does that leave us for the next year? Well, here is what we are working towards:

  1. We will bring in experts to review our designs, we of course expect to totally blow them off their feet with our brilliance, dazzle them with our attention to detail. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves.
  2. We will complete the terrestrial version of the lander and a whole new, improved rover. Insert fireworks and WWE wrestler intro music in the background to give it an appropriate sense of grandeur.
  3. We will reach out to a mass audience across India and expect to become a national obsession. Every man, woman and child will know who we are. Cricket, watch out!
  4. We will charm our way into the hearts & minds of the powers to be @ISRO.
  5. Speaking of building, we will fix that chair. And buy a new one, just in case.
  6. And finally, we will get one of our teammates married. We feel he's kinda lonely, nice guy - can calculate comm link margins in his sleep. We think that's kinda an attractive quality. If you think so too, drop us a mail.

A special word of thanks to all our Advisors, named and otherwise, who continue to shape our Technology ideas, Outreach & Industry networking. To our Supporters, we reiterate our commitment to deliver a "frugally engineered, people powered moonshot by 2015"!!!

Wishing all of you a fantastic New Year 2013!

Signing off 2012, on behalf of Team Indus,

Rahul Narayan
Team Indus - Lead

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