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2011 an interesting year!

For Team Indus, its just over an year since we put our hands up to be part of Google Lunar X Prize, a journey that seemed as exhilarating as it seemed beyond our reach.

2011 has been an interesting journey for our team, looking back some of our initial targets didnt quite work out to plan, rather interestingly areas where we didnt expect much of support attracted a lot of attention and generous contributions :)

Our "coming out" story isnt quite fully scripted, we do however have reason to expect better results from this quarter, more on that in a later post.

My sincere thank you to all who supported us, we have many battles to win in this year, your continued support in 2012 would be greatly appreciated. Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead, I leave you with our mission animation - more details coming up in a later post!

Rahul Narayan

Team Indus - Lead

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