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Team SYNERGY MOON Crew Sponsorships

JOIN the crew of the Synergy Moon automated Lunar Expedition as we compete in the Google Lunar X Prize. You can be crew members for navigation, remote sensing, communications, engineering and operations. Be part of the science team for planetary science, astronomy, mining engineering, astrophysics, chemical engineering, anyone who has research they want to do on the moon or in near earth space. We can take up to 50 people to fill these positions..  You will participate in mission preparation, launch, deep space cruise, lunar orbit, lunar landing and lunar exploration, research and development activities.

If you are interested in any type of lunar research, or have ever wanted to be part of the crew of an interplanetary space expedition, you can make it happen as part of the Team SYNERGY MOON crew for our Google Lunar X Prize mission. The sponsorship package includes input into rover and base instrumentation and mission plans. You will be the crew and science team for the mission, controlling the spacecraft, then staffing the automated lunar base through advanced telepresence and virtual reality interface technologies.

Research labs and universities pay thousands of dollars for opportunities like this, wait years for missions to be developed and launched, and then wait to have the data from the missions made available to them. You will be there, in real time, controlling the mission and the data gathering, receiving, processing, & analyzing your data first hand.

We are providing this opportunity for just 50 individuals, who will represent themselves or their organizations for just a fraction of the normal cost of participation in interplanetary exploration missions.

This mission will prove the concept of virtual lunar exploration and development. Other institutions and researchers will have access after the mission concludes to the data and mission results for a fee. Only 50 of these crew sponsorships are available.  Act now if you want to be part of this historic mission.

Kevin Myrick, COO, Team Synergy Moon



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