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FreeFlyer Olav Zipser: Prepping to be the World’s First Civilian Rocket Diver!


Two experienced skydivers are gunning for Joe Kittinger’s high-altitude(102,800-ft) jump record:
Austrian Felix Baumgartner (Red Bull) and German Olav Zipser (FreeFly Astronaut
Project).  Interorbital Systems(IOS)---Zipser’s
choice for rocket manufacturer and launch provider—congratulates Felix
Baumgartner on his recent 71,000-ft balloon jump, breaking Olav’s 1995 civilian
altitude record of 41,667 ft., and informs him that Olav will be diving
from an IOS rocket with the intent to surpass Felix’s new private-sector altitude
record and to exceed Kittinger’s. Olav was the first civilian to jump from the
stratosphere (out of an Ilyushin 76 airplane) and the first to execute that dive with a difference.

He returned safely to Earth using FreeFlying techniques ---reaching a
speed of 750km/hr along the way.

Olav is still the fastest civilian skydiver in the world; he accomplished this feat
without the extra stabilization of a drogue chute! Both Baumgartner and
Kittinger used stabilizing drogue chutes in their dives. Zipser invented his
method of controlled human flight over the course of thousands of jumps: not
simply free-falling---but actively FreeFlying—creating a 3-axis controlled
descent during which he actively used his body and a special suit of his own
design to manipulate the surrounding shroud of air in order to fly
back towards Earth head-first, stabilized only by his FreeFlying control.

Olav’s new mission will  combine three factors in a program that is truly a first in the
realm of civilian skydiving andhigh-altitude competition:  (1) launching
on and entering the airspace from a customized Interorbital Systems’ NEPTUNE
rocket; (2) employing FreeFlying/human flight techniques for controlled
descent; and (3) wearing a specially designed Zvezda spacesuit for survival in
the hostile environment. Now with two records to break: both Baumgartner’s and
Kittinger’s, Interorbital Systems is readying its rockets to lift Olav to over
130,000ft (40km) for the first in a series of what will be not only record-breaking
events, but also rich scientific research-gathering missions that will lead to
the perfection of high-altitude and orbital emergency re-entry rescue suits and
methodologies. Zipser will be riding a rocket into the Black Skies and FreeFlying
into the history and record books! The IOS Team says: GO, Rocket Diver, GO!

 Interorbital’s rockets will take you higher than any balloon possibly can!

     -Randa Milliron, CEO/CoFounder, Interorbital Systems



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