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Eleven Days of Outreach

Look at this map!

It is Istria peninsula in croatian north Adriatic. The point "A" is Višnjan in the istrian mainland, home of the famous Višnjan astronomical observatory and a craddle of thousands of astronomy and space enthusiasts thanking to Korado Korlević, chief astronomer.

From March 14th to 24th there will be 2nd Tech Conference of AU Vidulini (AUV), outreach series of events and a brainstorming gathering of the croatian branch of the Team Synergy Moon.

The start is with round-table conference about connection on how technologies developed for space exploration influence everybody's daily life and stimulate economic growth. In the conference which will be hosted by Istrian Regional Development Agency, as almost all other under-the-roof events, will paricipate politicians and managers of the top companies in the region of Istria.

Among the most notable open-air events will be opening of AUV's  "Herman Potočnik Noordung" facility for the tests od the Space exploration hardware. In a small exhibition it will be possible to see former and future stratospheric probes, with the explanation of designers, Moon lander mockup for testing with working rover athmospheric models, and a bunch of astronomical instruments, including networked amateur telescopes.

For every day of the week there will be presentations, lectures and workshops for young people affiliated to space exploration, even space-themed kindergaten.

On weekends the group will gather to closed sessions of brainstorming, review of what is done and what is ahead, and just to gave a fun.

And it is just starting of the spring activities on outreach and conferencing ending with last days of May.
















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