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SpaceMETA Talk about Its Moon Rover Codename SOLITAIRE - Blob and Frog

SpaceMETA Talk about Its Moon Rover Codename SOLITAIRE - Blob and Frog

We at SpaceMETA are building a very interesting rover and also a very interesting rover strategy.



First of all, the name rover is not appropriate for our lunar module, and its more a Frog and a Slug than a rover. We totally disagree with the old fashion NASA design and also, must of the actual proposals looks for a genetic clone from it. We do not look like it.

If you look to planet Earth, the evolution have developed several different strategies to locomotion. There is animals with 2 legs, 4 legs, 8 legs, etc. There is fast animals, slow animals, etc. There is some ones that fly , swimming and also there is some ones that Jump. We have tried to create a strategy with a very simple design in mind, that you can see here at , and it has a mixed strategy for locomotion.

It will Jump as a Frog , roll as a wheel and drag as a slug. And what is more important: it don't use fuel or electricity. The actual codename of our lunar module is SOLITAIRE, and it is projected to run in a infinite  way using the temperature gradient on moon surface plus NiTiNOL based coil legs. This will really move indefinitely until the material histeresys curve allow it. This is a similar principle of the Cardiac prothesis  called Sent, very well knowed by the cardiologists. THis is a memory-shapped-metals that has a memory form on a specific temperature. 

Our lunar modules also will carry Ultra-Compressed Coils, pre-compressed and locked on Earth , that , if every thing fails, it will transform potential energy in kinetic energy , creating power to jump on the Moon Surface , so creating movement. Its why we have choiced as a basic music theme for our Mission the song Walking on a Moon from - The Police. We have designed this rover with the intention to have a fail safe system to be used in the human based future missions.

So , basically the SOLITAIRE Module will jump and rolling after that, and with an INTEL Atom based CPU it will control the prognosis of the pathway of the end point of the jump and roll action. When it don't found enough temperature gradient to create a kinetic energy for a jump, it will walk like a reptile or a slug. This is strategy and this spherical based design is interesting because it can walk on any kind of terrain, so we don't need to mind about the quality of the target surface , it will work. Also , we have another SOLITAIRE module, based on a blob-deformation shape strategy, that will change the center of gravity based on expansion and contraction due the termic gradient there, and will create pure movements like a slug. 

But here we will reveal to you one of our big ideas in terms of material: Every thing will be a mix of MILAR with AEROGEL , and also an inflatable structure that will be build on the fly. You can check it with more details on the SpaceMETA website. 

We will delivery 3 lunar modules, as you can see in this graph here , each one with a different mission. The SOLITAIRE Base will be responsible for the communication and to create an WiMAX WireLess bubble there. The second one will be the Solitaire-Slug , that will move like a slug and mission is to sense the environment and take high definition images, once it moves very slow. The third one is the Solitaire Frog, that move fast and mission will be sensing the eco contact on each jump and touch-down on moon surface to map what in under the Moon surface, and also take pictures and develop scientific functions.

-- Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti



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