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SpaceMETA Motion System

INFIMO – Infinit Motion by SpaceMETA SPACEMETA INFIMO-NitiLegs
- Development of a new way to produce dynamic motion systems capable of long movements without conventional fuel restrictions on the arrival surface called INFIMO that means Infinity Motion. INFIMO is a vision that will inspire future projectists to try to work with very limited resources in space, AND, obtain the maximum of the results in movement in Space. INFIMO premises consider that we don’t need to have only one way to develop movment on the destination, but several mechanisms to long movement, short movement, and emergency movements. INFIMO is actually executing very well on the Earth conditions and starting outer-space environment simulation tests. The first product generated from the INFIMO Design concept is NITILEGS ( Coil-Legs NiTiNOL Based, described later on Mission Summary ).
SPACEMETA-Solitaire-NitiLegs This is a Ilustration of NITILEGS by SPACEMETA, wich is a internal pipe with a compressed NiTiNOL Coil wich objective is to release locked mechanical energy and recover it again from the memory shaped metal design coil, to work on the gradient temperature on the Moon surface and releasing potencial-to-kinetic energy stored from earth or other events like impact on Moon surface. This coils are also used as probe to sense the terrain resistance, capacitance and density, helping to create a map of the touchable surface. by Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti from SpaceMETA
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