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Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti

How did you become involved in the team?

Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti has developed the idea of found SpaceMETA ( ) walking with his friends and having long inspirational conversation on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, under several full moon nights.

Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, Founder and Inventor

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

How did you become involved in the team?

Juliana Laxe is the VP of SpaceMETA and IdeaLabs and Project Manager for IT Systems. Ms Juliana has MBA in Project Managment by FGV ( Fundacao Getulio Varga ), and deep knowladge in SoftWare System Development, and she is involved in technology startup since 15 years. For Juliana , Space is a new frontier of challenge for the citizens of the Earth.

Juliana Laxe, VP and Project Manager

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


SpaceMETA team is formed by several people with good experience in startups and new ideas and trends in the market.

Founded by Mr. Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, from IdeaValley in the Petropolis City in Rio de Janeiro, born in Natal in the north of Brasil, Mr. Sergio has a real passion for rupture innovation and near impossible challenges.

After brainstorming with friends on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the group decided to go ahead with the dream to land on the Moon, and after that, several ideas on how to do it on an innovative and uncommon way was born in their minds -- which became SpaceMETA.

Due the super cooperation by the XPF Team, the SpaceMETA crew feel couraged to move ahead and to start their incentive for the entire community in Brasil.

Now, each day, the SpaceMETA team is growing and receiving collaborators from all parts of the world.

About Us -

Team SpaceMETA was created by Mr. Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, a native of Natal in northern Brasil. Cabral who is based in IdeaValley - part of Petropolis Tecnopolis on Petropolis City in Rio de Janeiro - has a real passion for breakthrough innovations and nearly impossible challenges.

Team SpaceMETA emerged after several brainstorming sessions on the beaches of Rio where Cabral and some of his friends who have strong backgrounds in startups, new concepts and market trends made a decision to pursue a dream of landing on the Moon.

With plenty of help from the XPF Team, the SpaceMETA crew felt encouraged to move ahead. Innovative and unusual solutions began to take shape. At first, the team attracted a board group of supporters from all parts of Brasil.

Now, talented and eager collaborators from all parts of the world - eager to share this dream - have become members of Team SpaceMETA, too.

Team SpaceMETA intends to pursue very innovative ideas as this venture moves forward. Sharing these ideas as part of its robust collaborative campaign in an increasingly open source world is a key objective for this team as well.

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