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Russia's only Google Lunar X PRIZE Team, Selenokhod, announces that Dr. Mikhail Malenkov, Dr. Vyacheslav Dovgan and Dr. Ephraim Akim have been appointed as the first members of its new Advisory Board. Dr. Mikhail Malenkov is a highly respected scientist and engineer who has authored over 100 technical papers, and 5 books. He created 32 patented inventions, and was responsible for the design of the "Lunokhod" wheels as well as the drive mechanism for the Phobos-1 and Phobos-2 landers. He designed the chassis used on various planet rover
Hello Teams! It was a really great time in early February at Pasadena, and a pleasure to be with all of you there. We had a very good experience - we will keep it in our memories for a long time. Thank you all! Hope to meet you at the next GLXP Team Summits! Perhaps, one of them would be held in Russia! :-) Enjoy some unforgetable moments from JPL again:
On March 9-12, Selenokhod made a presentation at the Gagarin Memorial Conference. Interest in our Google Lunar X PRIZE project and private space exploration was so huge that team PR-manager/EPOL Pavel Sharov had to make three presentations during the Conference. He answered many questions, and he enlisted the support of many space companies and organizations. Many honored VIPs took part in this memorable space event, including
March 22, 2010 - by Project PRACTICE joins our team
Russian project management consulting company, Project PRACTICE (Proektnaya Praktika), joins private space race
February 28, 2010 - by Space&Fashion: mutual interest
On February 23, the relationship between space and the fashion industry was addressed by Selenokhod team members during an internet radio talk show hosted by the Moscow State University's Journalism Department. Roman Selivan and Andrey Deynich hosted the show. In addition to space architecture and Russian science fiction movies, topics for discussion included the impact of space on fashion, stylish imagery and advertising. The roster of guests from Team Selenokhod included Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy (CEO), Pavel Sharov (EPOL/PR-manager), Dmitriy Alekseev
February 8, 2010 - by Rover orientation algorithms
Our partners at Veliky Novgorod State University's Laboratory of Innovative Radio Systems have developed an alpha version of Moon rover software. This computer vision software interfaces with dual cameras for stereovision as well as a laser scanning tool for obstacle detection. It will help our rover travel autonomously on the lunar surface. In the near future, we plan to equip our rover with additional sensors
December 30, 2009 - by Cryogenic hardware testing
The year 2009 ended with the team engaged in a series of critical hardware-related experiments designed to ensure the surviveability of the components aboard our lunar rover. Given the Moon's extremely low temperatures at night in particular, there is considerable emphasis on cryogenic testing. Among other things, we placed a camera Pan&Tilt motor drive board inside a cryostat at a temperature of -175°C. Poly bags were used to control condensation. After 1.5 hours inside the cryostat, the motor drive board was thawed out at room temperature. Test results were very
November, 21th - Members of the first and only Russian team participating in the Google Lunar X-Prize made their first formal presentation at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. The team's formation was announced just two months ago. Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy, Nikolay Romanov, Sergey Sedykh and Pavel Sharov spoke at length about the objectives and status of the Selenokhod project. Afterwards, they answered questions from experts, journalists and the general public who were visiting the museum.
November 12, 2009 - by Selenokhod at Mission Control Center
Dear space explorers and enthusiasts of Moon exploration, From this moment we start regular posting of Selenokhod team news here. Actually we had busy times during these two months after the official team announcement, setting up the processes in the team and working out the basic technical structure of the project. Nevertheless we managed to participate in several outstanding events in Russia which gave us some footage in mass media.


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