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Rocket Power

This week in my blog I wanted to point our readers to some great new articles on our Rocket City Space Pioneers (RCSP) website. We have articles on all things aerospace, but this week I'd like to feature an article relating to “Rocket Power” and the influence and impact it has had on our history and pop culture. In the articles, we take you back to rocketry in the B.C. era, as well as giving you insight into today's rocket power.

Take hydrogen peroxide as an example; it has been around for about 100 years, and it has been used for everything from bleaching hair to launching rockets into outer space. The Germans, Russians, and Americans used it in many rockets. From X-15 to Mercury, hydrogen peroxide has been a great “green” storable oxidizer that has served our rocket history well.

The RCSP team chose hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizer because it is user friendly and offers some amazing mission/performance benefits to our team. Last year, we tested a new engine for our lander that used peroxide and kerosene as the propellants. We tested heat sink engine chambers, as well as ablative chambers. The engine proved to have very good combustion efficiency. This year we are working hard to develop new regenerative cooled combustion chambers for our engine that will offer weight saving and higher performance benefits. We look forward to what “Rocket Power” will come out of the RCSP this year.

Check out our website with our latest article on “Rocket Power.”   

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