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Rocket City Space Pioneers Team Leader Tim Pickens Featured in Make Magazine and Recipient of “Joe Genius” Award

Tim Pickens, team leader of the Rocket City Space Pioneers, has done it again! His home inventions have landed him national media coverage. Make Magazine features Tim, “The Motor Man,” in its “Rocket Men” article in the space section of its October issue, and Discover Magazine has given Tim the “Joe Genius” Award. The Make article discusses a brief history of how Tim got where he is today, including some of his many rocket-powered inventions and his experience with some “dynamic disassembly.” In the article, Tim is compared to a NASCAR driver. Tim received the “Joe Genius” award for his homemade water jet pack from the web television show that features “backyard scientists.” The show is hosted by writer, producer and comedian Jonah Ray. Tim and his invention can be seen in action on Episode 13: Gravity. Tim and his many projects have been featured in major national magazines and television shows, including CNN Money magazine, Popular Mechanics, Air and Space Magazine, Popular Science, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. He and his rocket bike were also featured on the Daily Show. Tim enjoys designing and building projects that inspire people to have fun and try things. “It’s good to have dreams and aspirations,” Tim said. “We can be inspired by science fiction, movies and even video games. But eventually, you’ve got to get out in the garage and build something.” By Janet Felts, Public Outreach Liaison
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