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November 9, 2012 - by This week in Part Time Scientists

It's always an exciting week at Part Time Scientists.  The tech teams are busy getting ready for radiation testing that's coming up in a few weeks. 

Er, rads are rad? (do people even still say "rad" any more?)

Last weekend we had some cool new motor controls that are now in our rover.  We've got some cool video to post next week of our production rover working very nicely at just under 1 meter per second. That's practically race car speed for rovers!

November 6, 2012 - by New motor controls last weekend

We've got some new controller circuits and everything is working perfectly!  These will help us improve the speed and stability of our rover. 

Our rover is designed to do high speed fully autonomous  mapping of an area in real time and making path finding decisions based on input from our advanced camera and sensor system.

So overall these new electronics will help us to improve the speed and stability of the R3 Rover.  Not bad for a weekend project!

November 2, 2012 - by This week in Part Time Scientists

Happy Friday!

We've had a busy week.

First, we had to move some meetings around because of a hurricane:

Then we started recieving all sorts of requests to give talks to kids who want to become serious engineers after posting about a long trip Michael M took to Grenna Denmark and blew a group of students away.

This post is by Michael Mussler with help from our Press Coordinator Michael Doornbos on the English.

My adventure started at 5:30 in the morning in Hamburg Germany.  There were 800 km(500 miles!) ahead of me, so I had to start before the sun came up and it was raining.

I arrived at the rental car facility and was pleasantly surprised to find a BMW waiting for me instead of a Volkswagen Polo. EPIC!

September 14, 2012 - by ILA business days


September 5, 2012 - by It's all about ball bearings!

Well, well, well! We have a new partner! German manufacturer GRW is producing the best ball bearings in town and they're giving us discounts on their grrreat products! If you're proficient in German, you may read about the details here.

August 20, 2012 - by Building moon rovers in school
In addition to working on newest technologies, dealing with very challenging problems, and possibly winning large prizes, we have always seen supporting science education and creating enthusiasm for the things people can do with science as one of the reasons all of us put so much effort into this project. This is our latest endeavor to put more STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education in schools.

Everyone wants an R0, our low-cost software environment version of Asimov Jr., so we’re frequently out of R0s, even though we recently had gotten a shipment of 10 of them.

I asked Jürgen to send me his pre-packaged R0; it’s got slightly older electronics (version 1.9) instead of the current 2.1 package. He sent the package from Austria to Berlin on Monday and it arrived just two days before we left for Washington!

The first big challenge was to get it through airport security and customs – which worked! No bomb detector got ticked of by all the weird wiring and metal parts ;-) . Once in Washington we started preparing for our presentation. Looking at the package Jürgen sent us we realized it was a quite incomplete: lacking screws, wirings and, most importantly, the battery pack!

Read, how we fixed it!

Every year all current teams of the Google Lunar X PRIZE gather for the Team Summit. This makes it a large meeting where everyone is given the opportunity to talk about the last year and discuss the upcoming one. As we arrived on late Saturday, and the Team Summit is going to happen from Monday till Wednesday, we used Sunday to do [...]

Read more.

May 21, 2012 - by Thank You!

In last fall we started the Awesome Music Monday. Ever since then we shared with you a new fancy piece of music we really like. Actually we love music. Go and have a look on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find a list of by now almost 30 our most favourite songs. Songs, which follow us through our day and accompany us during work. But today’s episode is special.

I recently had the pleasure to deliver a keynote talk at NVidia’s GPU Technology Conference and at the end, just before the Q&A session, I took the chance to say "Thank You!" to the most important character behind PTS, the team! To share this with you I created this short clip peppered with great images and of course fine music.

Have fun and also a big Thanks to you!



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