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Spreading the message of STEM

We've been quite busy and occupied the last months with preparations and presentations at several exhibitions and conventions: Chaos Communications Camp 2011, IdeaExpo (IdeenExpo), German Aerospace Day (Tag der Luft- und Raumfahrt), so we nearly missed an inspiring video by the RoboSpartans, which underscores that we aren't nearly as effective as we could be. The RoboSpartans are a team of 5 people to our nearly 100 Part-Time Scientists, yet it is they who show us how to get the message out in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) public outreach.

The RoboSpartans gave 7 presentations for more than 100 students, held a workshop and plan to continue promoting the MoonBots competition during the entire school year. Just in December they have planned another 5 MoonBots presentations. And the most important thing? They are having an incredible amount of fun doing it!

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