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Riders on the Storm

In case you’re wondering what we’ve been up to, here’s a sneak peek not just behind, but also actually „before“ the screen. Right now we’re pushing development pretty hard to get many new prototypes lined up for an all-new release towards the end of November.

What’s been revealed so far is that there is going to be a new rover. However even “just” a new rover consists of dozens of subsystems like an onboard computer, a camera links, communications and of course motors. All these and many smaller parts have undergone multiple revisions and are now being integrated to flawlessly work together in an all-new self-contained system, the Asimov R3!
Building the very first prototype is always something special, as it is a bunch of engineers versus 2000+ parts and no manual, man page or warranty ;).
Besides a cool head, it requires a whole set of spare parts and things you would never think about needing in the first place. So we used this weekend to pack 8 big packages full of tools, parts and magic boxes. Now all things are wrapped up and on their way to our construction site this time in western Germany!

As Part-Time Scientists and first-time moon landers it’s our goal to get things done cheap, but still well-tested. Thus we love using hacks to test-drive systems before replacing them with more realistic but also expensive parts. In the case of the camera subsystem we put together a small ITX NVIDIA ION based setup that is going to help us get Asimov’s vision right before filling it up with much more expensive parts from a soon to-be-announced new partner!

You can never have enough screws of any kind, …

pins, …

flange bushs, and of course …


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