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Happy April Fools' day!

Originally we didn't want to tell you "the Obvious", but due to some serious email requests we really feel the urge to clarify and tell you that yesterday's blog post was an April Fools' prank.

We have NOT changed our mission goals and we do NOT want to terraform our beloved moon. There are NO plans to "generate" an artificial lunar atmosphere with the help of nuclear power and we are NOT going to descend from the lunar orbit with a parachute, but with rocket thrusters, like everybody would do. We're still developing our four-wheeled rover Asimov and he's the one who's going cruise on the lunar surface, NOT a hovercraft.

We hope you loved and laughed reading yesterday's blog post. We also had fun reading others April Fools' jokes like the one about another Space Shuttle mission »STS-136« using Atlantis to support the latest ATV Missions to the International Space Station (only available in German language, sorry). We're looking forward to next year's 1st April and hope to read good stories again!

Yours, Part-Time Scientists

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