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Introducing the Florida Team

Hello Everyone! This is Ruben Nunez, the Project Director of Omega Envoy, and we are proud to be an official team for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. I am accompanied by our Engineering & Space Concepts Director, Jason Dunn, our Director of Marcom, Steve Vaughn, and our Propulsion Lead, Justin Beales. We are currently at the AGI User's Conference at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois; where AGI was announced as an official partner in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Our ultimate goal is to unite Florida by claiming this prize. After all, we are the “Home Team!” with the Omega Envoy Project, we plan to maintain Florida’s position as the global leader in the space industry. The Omega Envoy Team and Earthrise Space, Inc. officially announced their intention to enter the competition during an open forum session at the Kennedy Space Center Training Auditorium. Members in attendance included representatives of Space Florida, NASA, Bionetics, SAIC, IBM, UCF, Delaware North, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, InDyne, Dynamac, Harris, ASRC, and Brevard County. During the conference, project leaders spoke of Florida’s proud history of space exploration, and expressed their hopes of writing the state into the books once more. The team is actively seeking talent in every field, and is rallying the Florida community to their cause. This contest will drastically change the way the community sees space, and redefine what is “possible.” Regardless of who wins, the victor of the X PRIZE will have proven that you do not need government administration, exotic technology, or industry backing to unlock the final frontier—it is open to all people on Earth, all backgrounds, nationalities, and all ways of life. Thanks to modern advances in digital media and communications, everyone can take part in “the next giant step.” Ruben D. Nunez Omega Envoy Project Director
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