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How would you use space exploration to positively affect 1 billion people in one decade?

Hi everyone, and greetings from Singularity University! I was lucky enough to be chosen to spend this summer on the NASA Ames campus as a student in the Singularity University Graduate Summer Program (GSP10). The core premise of the program is the team project, which asks the question, "How will you positively affect 1 billion people in the next decade," so I would like to introduced you all to the 5 team project tracks. I am really excited for all of these projects because I really believe that the solutions we find will not only affect 1 billion people, but will actually solve some of humanities biggest challenges! The 5 projects are: Sustainable Water- How can we leverage exponential technologies to provide clean water for households and agriculture alike? Food for Cities- By 2050 the global population is expected to grow by another 3 billion and nearly 80% of the total population will reside in urban centers. To feed this increase in population an estimated land size equal to that of Brazil will be needed to grow enough food. How can we use vertical farming and controlled agriculture to solve this impending problem? Home Energy- Close to 3 billion people, almost half the world's population, do not have continuous and reliable access to electricity in their homes. Furthermore, almost 90% of energy produced comes from fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas. How can we re-think energy and move towards clean, renewable, decentralized forms of energy? Upcycle- How can we create useful products that are re-purposed, re-processed, or re-manufactured to ensure that landfills are not needed? Space- Look at new designs, new materials, and new technologies that will transform not just where we can go but also what we can do when we get there. What excites me most, naturally, is that all these projects will be very beneficial towards the exploration of space. Whether it's a novel way of producing food or better means of using the limited resources at hand. It's about learning to live off the grid on a city wide level. So, I would be VERY interested to hear from all of you as to what you think would be a good project for the space track. How would you use space exploration to positively affect 1 billion people in one decade?
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