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Earthrise Space, Inc.'s Supporter of the Week

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) is greatly thankful to all of its Partners and Sponsors for dedicating themselves to supporting our mission. In this spirit, we are beginning a weekly 'thank-you!' blog to honor one of our Partners or Sponsors each week.

We would like to shine this week's spotlight on Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, who is providing ESI's Team Omega Envoy with selection guidance and products for direct integration with hardware to support our mission. Trelleborg is one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing and supply of precision seals for industrial, aerospace, and automotive customers, with over 20 production facilities and 40 marketing facilities globally. 

“It’s a great experience to provide education and watch this team through the many phases from creation to launch of their project,” says Aerospace Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, Antonio Garcia. “The Omega Envoy is a team comprised of diverse specialties and an innovative group to work with. As our products play an integral part in space exploration, it’s a great experience to be a part of this project.” 

The quality products and seal education that Trelleborg is dedicating to ESI are exactly the kind of support we need in order to succeed in our mission, and we are delighted to have them on-board!

Thank you, Trelleborg!

Check out this clever video that Trelleborg has provided in order to exemplify more of what they do!



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