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Next Giant Leap team member and five time space shuttle veteran Jeff Hoffman speaks to the SEED Academy (MIT's Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery program) about his experiences in space. Not directly related to the GLXP but great insights!
During the spring semester of 2008 (last year) the 16.89/ESD.352 Space Systems Engineering class engaged in the question of how to best architect and design a mission which will satisfy the requirements set out in the Google Lunar X-Prize Rules. At the end of that semester, the design was sufficiently well developed, with a preliminary cost estimate, to allow an intelligent decision on the advisability of MIT’s participating in the competition. This graduate level class was led by MIT Professors Jeffery Hoffman and David Miller.
April 18, 2009 - by NGL - Press Release
Next Giant Leap team member "Microsat Systems, Inc." is now "Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Division" Press Release Sierra Nevada Corporation forms Space Systems Business Area from MicroSat Systems and SpaceDev Acquisitions Sparks, Nevada – The newly formed Space Systems business area of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) was debuted at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs on March 30th. The Space Systems business area
Mike Fabio of the X PRIZE Foundation interviewed Next Giant Leap's Jeff Hoffman after our December 17th press conference in Mountain View, CA.
January 4, 2009 - by Keeping the shiny side up!

Apollo 15 on the edge

A recent NASA article about the landing hazards faced by the six Apollo landers describes just how challenging it is to find a "safe" place to land on the lunar surface. (See Four Out of Six Apollos Recommend ALHAT)

December 22, 2008 - by Happy Holidays!


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