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Sierra Nevada Corporation - Space Systems

Next Giant Leap team member, Sierra Nevada Space Systems, is changing how we explore and use space. The Space Systems business area of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) was established in 2009 with the combination of SNC subsidiary, MicroSat Systems, SpaceDev, which was acquired by SNC in late 2008, and Starsys which was acquired by SpaceDev in 2006. MicroSat Systems, SpaceDev, and Starsys have a combined twenty year history in space, providing hardware for over 300 Earth orbiting and interplanetary missions. SNC Space Systems designs and manufactures satellites, spacecraft subsystems and components, and rocket propulsion systems for defense, civil government, corporate and international customers. We also provide customers with innovative, responsive, and cost effective design options for power systems, avionics, lightweight structures, and human spacecraft systems. SNC Space Systems products have made space exploration a success. Our spacecraft components have been on multiple interplanetary missions including the actuators and motors that power the Mars Rovers, and our hybrid rocket technologies powered the first commercial spaceplane to sub-orbital space. We are changing how we use space by building innovative, lower cost satellites like TacSat 2 and Trailblazer, the first Operationally Responsive Space satellite, and by creating advanced miniaturized avionics, thin-film solar arrays, and lightweight composite structures for spacecraft of the future. We have a skilled and experienced technical workforce of over 250 employees in our 4 major locations: Littleton, Colorado: Small satellite design and development Louisville, Colorado: Spacecraft mechanical subsystems, components, deployable structures, and satellite manufacturing Durham, North Carolina: Spacecraft electro-mechanical components, motors and actuators Poway, California: Hybrid propulsion and small satellite design The videos below highlight some of the capabilities incorporated into SNC Space Systems.

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