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A Collaborative Approach

Our team will approach the “competition” with “collaboration” between the generation that got man to the Moon and the one that will take us beyond. The intent is to inspire the youth of today to study math and science by engaging them in another “Race to the Moon”. The baby boomer or “competitive” generation was captivated and inspired by the cold war space race and the lunar landings. It is our intent to bring that “spirit of competition” to the future space “trekkies” (K-12th grade students). It is the fusion of the “Spirit of Competition” that is embodied in the Google Lunar X PRIZE vision with the global cooperation of the “collaborative” generation that will promote our future accomplishments in space. It is very important to recognize the impression and inspiration that the lunar missions had on the first generation to “grow up” in the “space age” (a.k.a. the “Star Trek®” generation). It inspired an entire generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians to achieve the great global technology revolution of the past “three scores” (60 years). The advances to science and technology were not only innovative and creative but also disruptive, thereby creating the “new world” as we know it today. The Google-Lunar X PRIZE competition can provide that same inspiration for the next generation of great discoverers – the next “trekkies” to explore and create new worlds. Focusing on grade school students our team strives to be the largest and youngest team in the competition. The team’s prime objective is to unlock the imagination, fuel technological innovation and capture the creativity of the future explorers by inspiring another generation of space entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, alike. It has been published that the average age of the NASA Apollo 11 mission control team was only 32. We expect the average age of this team to be a “score” younger (or about 12), and yet, technologically more advanced. Like their forefathers before them, this is a generation who will “explore new frontiers, boldly go where no man has gone before and create a brave new world; the world of the future for their children”. Best Regards, “Mystical Moon"
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