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Moon Express has struck a sponsorship deal with a major player in the food & beverage market.

Former ULA-Boeing Executive Dr. Andrew Aldrin Joins Moon Express at a Time of Accelerating Growth. 

“Behind the Scenes” video of the unveiling of our MX-1 multi-purpose spacecraft/lander on Dec 5th in Las Vegas

Moon Express Commercial Lunar Mission Creates Global “Citizen Science” Collaboration Opportunity for the International Lunar Observatory Association 

The Moon Express MX-1 commercial lunar lander unveiling drew congratulations from many corners, including our friend Sir Richard Branson, Founder/Chairman of Virgin Galactic.
Moon Express unveiled its "MX-1" spacecraft design to an audience of 10,000 people gathered at the closing session of Autodesk University 2013 on Thursday, December 5th.
As China readies for its Moon launch today in attempt to become the 3rd nation to reach the surface of the Moon, a somewhat more humble story is growing in the world media about NASA’s plans to send a plant the Moon with the Moon Express robotic lander in 2015.
In another small but important step in a very long journey, Moon Express conducted its first closed loop free flight GNC software test today with the help of NASA and its “Mighty Eagle” lunar lander prototype at the Marshall Space Flight Center


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