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Mining the Moon

Dr. Harrison "Jack" Schmitt is an American geologist, a retired NASA astronaut, university professor, and a former U.S. senator from New Mexico. He was the twelfth and last of the Apollo astronauts to arrive and set foot on the Moon. Schmitt is also the only geologist to have walked on the Moon.

Jack Schmitt advocates a private, investor-based approach to returning humans to the Moon—to extract Helium 3 for energy production, to use the Moon as a platform for science and manufacturing, and to establish permanent human colonies there in a kind of stepping stone community on the way to deeper space. With governments playing a supporting role—just as they have in the development of modern commercial aeronautics and agricultural production—Schmitt believes that a fundamentally private enterprise is the only type of organization capable of sustaining such an effort and, eventually, even making it pay off.

Jack Schmitt's book, "Return to the Moon", elaborates on the Moon as a key destination for exploration, enterprise, and energy in the human settlement of space, and is available on












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