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BBC Radio Covers Moon Express

BBC’s Jon Stewart visited Moon Express recently for the “Science in Action” radio show, a popular magazine program pulling together the science issues of the week and delivering breaking science news from the just-released journals. The show has a reach of over 140,000,000 listeners and is heard in over 300 countries including all of Europe, the United States and Canada, translated into 27 languages.

Moon Express Chairman Naveen Jain and CEO Bob Richards were on hand to tour Jon through the Moon Express offices and facilities at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, California, giving him a special inside glimpse of the Hover Test Facility where the company is developing its lunar lander system in collaboration with NASA.

With the lunar lander system itself “cloaked” due to U.S. ITAR restrictions, Jon Stewart viewed the facility while discussing the company’s intentions to create a commercial transportation and data services business around lunar mining while winning the Google Lunar X PRIZE challenge and supporting NASA in the Innovative Lunar Data Demonstrations program.

“Our hope is not only that we’ll be able to win (the GLXP); our hope is that we’ll be able to build a great business around it,” explained Naveen Jain.

“The Moon has no biosphere; there is no life there; it’s already a big open strip-mine in the sky,” said Bob Richards. “It’s actually a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to obtain the resources that humanity needs without devastating the environment of the Earth.”

The Moon Express BBC story aired on November 3rd, 2011 and is available here.

Jon Stewart's FaceBook page with additional images is here.

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