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Work Breakdown Study (WBS) completed to level 3

Team LunaTrex has recently completed its Work Breakdown Study (WBS) for the entire mission, breaking down the tasks to "bite-sized chunks" from launch to the Moon. Thanks to Mary Cafasso, our Technical Team Leader, for spearheading this effort. With this WBS completed, we are starting trade studies on the various elements. We are even more confident now that we can indeed do this mission and win the X PRIZE for far less than the PRIZE money. The approach at this point reduces the launch payload weight significantly, allowing us to launch as a small, secondary payload. We are still targeting launch in 2011, with the possibility of going late 2010. Additionally, our discussions continue with potential investors, sponsors, and suppliers to provide resources and also expense mitigation as we pursue the PRIZE. We have been told recently by a major aerospace company that they have analyzed all the teams' approaches and they believe that Team LunaTrex has the most likely-to-succeed and "pencil" approach they saw, and are donating some time to help us. We are not at liberty to share whom as yet, but when appropriate, this will be publicized. This activity is encouraging and leads us to believe that our approach is technologically sound, as well as is our approach to resourcing the mission. We look forward to continuing up the path to the Lunar Surface. .
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