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LunaTrex announces entry into GLXP

Team LunaTrex is an alliance of small companies in the aerospace industry, committed to sustainable, long-term space services, and is joining the GLXP's challenge. Though the GLXP is a focus for LunaTrex, we are committed to building a sustainable space business beyond the GLXP. We want to be able to make access to space, from LEO to the Moon, as affordable and reliable as possible, and do missions like the GLXP pursuit not just once, but repeatedly. Another factor is that we are intent on doing the mission for less money than the grand prize payout. It is in this that we believe we represent the spirit of the X-Prize: to make space accessible and affordable to the private sector. LunaTrex is an alliance of corporations from all over the state and the nation, working together to focus their talents on succeeding in this venture. Moreover, Team LunaTrex is committed to sustainable space services, such as small-satellite launch services, spacecraft design, space mission design, mission control, and as a global telemetry/data provider. The Team includes Orion Propulsion of Huntsville, AL; High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC), also of Huntsville, AL; MC Squared of Phoenix, AZ; Orbit Frontiers of Lafayette, IN; and AirBuoyant of Anderson with additional involvement from University of Dayton, OH and several individual aerospace professionals. For those that ask why we think we can win, we answer with the fact that comprised within our team are hundreds of years of experience in the space industry, and that every element of the mission is represented by hands-on experience of the individuals on the team. We have several ex-NASA employees, and several large aerospace company former employees who are now consulting and working in small business in the industry. The talent pool to get the job done is completely resident in Team LunaTrex. From a funding perspective, we have the first stage of funding already sourced. We intend on launching sometime in late 2011 or early 2012, so we will have time to both earn and raise the remaining required funding. Additionally, as we develop subcomponents of the GLXP mission, we intend to make each subsystem a business profit center on its own, hopefully helping us bring in more funding toward the GLXP effort. We originally wanted to join the GLXP later in the year, after we had more time to get things ready and had more polish on our marketing, website, media kits, etc. However, GLXP personnel encouraged us to press forward sooner than later, so that we could be a part of the Google event on Feb. 21. We pulled together and got some of the minimum requirements together before the event deadlines. Our first team meeting took place in Huntsville just last Friday-Saturday, Feb 15-16, 2008. Some of us have known each other for years; for others, it was a first time to meet the other team members. By the time the meetings were over, we all realized why we made such a great team. The spirit and innovative air of the group was phenomenal, and though we have a heavy sense of the reality of how difficult this endeavor will be, we are truly encouraged at how reachable and possible it is. We have no illusions: the GLXP pursuit is tough, and is on the verge of impossible. However, we pursue it because it is hard, and because it demands our best. In the process, we intend on making a sustainable business out of it, so from our perspective, there really is very little downside. Please have patience with us as we build our website, our blog posts, and our team. We look forward to sharing in our adventure, and will be looking to make friends and allies along the way. Clear Skies, Pete Bitar Team Leader LunaTrex
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