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"I'm giving it all she's got Captain." - Scotty

 NASA GRAIL Mission - Twin spacecraft in orbit around the Moon right now!

Photo Rights: NASA


JURBAN is bring back the K-12th grade, Design-a-Mission contest. It's your chance to win $15, help us double check our math & physics, and be involved in a real mission to the moon. Christoper Flanagan won the last contest with an answer of 2.95 meters, for the following question "Determine the max height our air bag landing system can fall from (starting with zero velocity), and the hit lunar surface at less than 3.1 m/s 

This months question is, "What will be the orbital speed of our airbag lander, as it orbits in a perfect circle 100 km above the Moon's surface?"


Please submit your answer (or ask for problem clarification) by posting to the wall of our Facebook Page. We will announce the winner and give weekly hints (on Fridays) via Facebook as well, so please ”like” us.














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