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Hip Hop + Space = Awesome STEM programs + Funding

The Juxtopia® Urban Robotic Brilliant Application Network (JURBAN) challenge is an innovative Juxtopia Group www.juxtopia.org program that challenges underserved and disadvantaged youth to creatively apply learned skills in science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) to build autonomous service robotic systems that have significant community impact. The JURBAN program was inspired by the United States National Robotic Initiative (NRI) and the America Competes Act (both signed by president Obama), along with the need to invest in the future of America’s underserved and disadvantaged youth

Combining Hip Hop and Space is just one way JURBAN is introducing STEM to underserved and disadvantaged youth. We believe that after that initial "hook" (See slang definition), the awesomeness of STEM can keep any child coming back for more! Who can say they don't love rocket explosions (or better yet trying to determine why they hapen), building Terminator like robots (the good ones), discovering where we came from, and calculating how far Tom Brady can throw a football on the Moon without going there (350 yards source @ 49:00). The following Hip Hop artist are just a few of the artists Team JURBAN has approached to fund our mission to the Moon! 


Photo Right: Space-X

"We had a long and interesting conversation on many subjects. He has exciting ideas for extending his creative talents beyond music." - Elon Musk from Twitter


Photo Rights: The Sun UK

"According to The Sun, Beyonce and Jay-Z are at the top of record execs’ wish list to film a music video while weightless in space." - Becky Bain Source



(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon)

”Just got my confirmation to travel to space in 2013 thanx to Richard Branson!! I’m gonna see Earth!!” - Dallas Austin, Source


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-Blaze Sanders

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