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TFX - Fleet Week 02 - SF


Team FREDNET at the US Navy Fleet Week in San Francisco continues!  In this short video you will see the "Wargaming North America" Jet, a T-33 Shooting Star -- originally produced starting in 1949, this plane was used by the US Air Force Thunderbirds precision flight demonstration squadron, as the VIP/Press-ride aircraft, and used them for training as well.  Next, is the Lucas Oil Air Show, with Michael Wiskus flying a modified S-1-11b SS bi-plane.  This plane is an example of one of the premier high-performance aerbatic aircraft in the world today, at just under 1200 lbs. dry weight, and more than 300 hp, with max G-limits of +/- 12G's -- light, powerful, and TOUGH!!!  Wiskus flys this plane low enough to dip his wing into San Francisco Bay!!!  (Less than 10 feet above the waves!)

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