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LEGO Picorover Mockup

Our Lego Mindstorm group was established in May 2009 as a collaboration between our Rover Group and Education Group. The purpose of the group is to develop an educational forum where students can experience robotics and remote operations in a collaborative open source environment. The group has 10 members and is lead by Thomas S. Miller who is a passionate supporter of Open Source Adventures and LEGO Mindstorms as a platform for development, learning and outreach. His son, Eric Miller, is currently in 7th grade and is working on creating prototype LEGO robots and course designs. He is also member of Lego Aces participating in the FIRST LEGO League for several years. So, what do you get when you cross a Team FREDNET rover with LEGO? You get a round NXT robot built inside an 11" hamster ball. Controlled remotely by another NXT via Bluetooth.

The group is also designing a course that is intended to simulate the 500m travel on the lunar surface as required by the Google Lunar X PRIZE rules.
Moon Base Concept

For more details about our Lego Mindstorm group and their work check out the:   — Wiki Protal   — Discussion Forum
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