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June 3, 2011 - by Happy Gawai Day
On the 1st June, the state of Sarawak in Malaysia celebrated its Harvest Festival by its natives, the Iban's. Independence-X home country of Malaysia prides with multi cultures embedded in our history. The Gawai Day celebration is just one of many celebrations, we celebrate Muslim festivals, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu, and not to mention other international holidays such as Labour Day. On the 2nd June, we also celebrated our Sultan’s Birthday. Although our holidays are short, they’re scattered throughout the year.
June 2, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 14
Started to program basic movements and teach the robot to overcome taller obstacles than itself by using its robot arm. I'll have a break as my daughter will be born the next days. I'll come back with the TEAM SELENE'S LUNAR BABIES CLUB. M. Bindhammer, Team Selene
The 10-foot square slab of aluminum provided by Alcoa has now been whittled down into a lightweight deck plate for the core of Astrobotic's lunar lander. Craftsmen at Edgar Industries will deliver the key building block to Carnegie Mellon on Friday. The four large circles will hold propellant and oxidizer tanks, while the smaller central circle is where a top cone (supporting the rover) and a bottom cone (connecting to the Falcon 9 rocket) will converge.
June 2, 2011 - by Frame design.
Two aluminum tubes with two aluminum plates, holding tubes in parallel each other. Four stepper motors – two for wheels and two for antenna and camera stands. Motors for a camera stand and antenna was to be with gears with 1.x 3.5 ratio. Gears made from ceramic grinding tools. On a frame mounted an aluminum mirror allowing HD camera’s observation in holding position. On tubes mounted flexible solar panels with angles 45 degree to the center line, solar panels both sides orientation. Aluminum frame and plates will be warped for enforcement with one or two layers for a carbon fiber.

This video is a summary of the completed rover prototypes of the BMT. It gathers models and CGI of the BCNRV-04 (a six wheeled rover), the BCNRV-05a and BCNRV-05b (four wheeled rovers with different solar panels strategy arrangement), and the BCNRV-06 (a six wheeled rover with its front and rear wheels folding, to reduce its size when embarked).

You can watch all the Barcelona Moon Team's video on our YouTube channel 

Several prototypes are developed in paralel to analyze the best performance. The BCNRV-06 is a retractable six-wheeled rocker-bogie that carries a scientific and commercial platform for 6 cargo compartments 10x10x10cm each.

This compartments will allocate both the team's experiment SELENA and other payloads, including a second experiment and a minirobot selected within the contestants received at the Minirobot Call for Proposal, open until July 31st, 2010.

The central element of the lander that will carry Astrobotic's expedition to the lunar surface is a 10-foot diameter base plate, now being machined at Edgar Industries in New Kensington, PA. The plate, also known as the lander deck, started as two slabs of solid aluminum before being joined via stir welding at CTC in Johnstown, PA.

Learn about the systems JURBAN is using to build its Moon robot, and use your smarts to win free prizes.

Say hello to Isha, Blaze, Corrie, and Ami. They are sending a robot to the Moon, want to join us?
June 1, 2011 - by SC CALOR – ARCA partnership

SC CALOR SA company is again the sponsor of ARCA. This time for the IAR 111 Excelsior supersonic airplane for the Google Lunar X Prize Competition. SC CALOR SA sponsored also the development and launch of Helen 2 space rocket.