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- Rick Maschek has performed a pH and sieve analysis of the second sample of KNO3 from WenCheng Chemicals that Flint Hapirat had ordered and had sent to Rick. This sample was milled more finely by the company to attempt to meet our requirements. Both the pH (6.5) and the particle distribution were found to be well within the acceptance range. Wencheng potassium nitrate:

This weekend, programmers from all over Europe will be gearing up to compete in the 5'th Catalysts Coding Coding Contest (CCC'11). This year, the theme is Astronautics. The contest will be held on May 27'th at the Castle of Linz in Linz, Austria and at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The competition is also open to online participants.

Watch the work of our Zoltán Bereczky, through his own eyes. This is how one of Team Puli's concept rovers, the Teve ("Camel") materializes in its 2nd demo version.
Rover prototype with assambled motors and wheel legs: The former pan/tilt unit will be replaced by this one: First movements over obstacles:
There are always discussions about the benefits of the Space Program. The most tangible benefits are consumer products people use every day. Most don’t realize how many everyday products are direct results of the Space Program.
May 23, 2011 - by Rover Development Update #08
Auto Nav Control - Design considerations Well, the ideal Auto Nav control system will be one that keeps working on its own, once its given an "assignment", it reports back with visuals, proof of completing the assignment and then waits for the next assignment - alas we dont live in an ideal world and the extreme lunar conditions dont really help! At some point in time, we would potentially look for an iterative "assignment" for the Rover to work on, and if the thermal cycles live upto expectation, that would make for an interesting little gizmo to leave on the moon.
May 22, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 8
Proportional remote control experiment with 2 micro controller, 430 MHz TX/RX and modified servo as rotary motion encoder.
This first video is an interview with Joe Palaia IV. The second video is a quick update on the equipment from the Machine Shop.
May 21, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 7
The picture below shows the rotating base construction. The TX will be a scale model of the rover with according motion encoders. This makes it easy for the operator to control the rover and especially the robot arm. You can even recreate the lunar surface the rover is just driving in a kind of sandbox and consider next movements.
May 21, 2011 - by US Tour
Our captains set out to the USA. They've had a soft landing, and kicked off well with lunch accompanied by Shiboleth law-firm. Not long after, USI privileged them with a glamorous soiree – The USI Cocktail Reception to Support Space IL, at Gideon Gartner's upper west side penthouse. Jack Hidary of the X-Prize foundation board of trustees, the key-speaker, was followed by an opera singer.