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Last week members of the Barcelona Moon Team, Jordi Riera, team expert in image and video acquisition, and Carlos Garcia, surface operations manager, visited the headquarters of the company Micro Cameras and Space Exploration in Switzerland.

On May 18, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev held a big press conference at the Moscow School of Management (SKOLKOVO). The event attracted more than 800 accredited journalists, including 300 members of the foreign press. The Russian mass media was very well represented with TV, radio and online media reporters in attendance, along with more than 40 photographers.

Biography James G. Erd – Manufacturing Lead Graduated University of Hawaii at Minoa 1995 BFA (Fine Arts)
June 7, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 4
Today, two more bulkheads were installed. This brings the total to six out of eight bulkheads installed. The final two bulkheads will likely be installed tomorrow. These triangular pieces support the weight of the fuel and oxidizer tanks and add stiffness to the lander structure.
Blog 07th of June 2011 Team Angelicum present in COPUOS 2011 and progressing with Universities Team Angelicum is moving on the mission definition working very hard in 2 lines of development: one with the classic robotic mission and the other through cubesats or microsats. In the robotic mission we have been receiving the letters of intention of the universities to participate with this. Some of them are University of Santiago of Chile, Pontific Catholic University of Chile, Pontific Catholic University of Valparaíso, University of Valparaíso, with some meetings in our calendar.
June 7, 2011 - by Roadside Picnic
The determined Team Puli Space did not panic when a rainy Saturday was forecasted for the team picnic.

The painting of the aerodynamic wind tunnel

June 6, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 3
On the third day of lander assembly, the lander deck, frustrum, and rover adapter cones have been cleaned, and the lander deck has been attached to the frsutrum. In addition, several of the bulkheads have been installed, and bolts put into position. Members of the team clean the deck and frustrum
This month 3.4 million readers of Germany's GEO magazine will read about the White Label Space team's participation in the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP). The article includes a great two-page photo showing White Label Space team members working on the lunar lander mock-up, and photos of our partners Airborne Composites and AOES Group BV.

This video summarizes all the CGI created by the Barcelona Moon Team.
From BCNRV-04, to BCNRV-05a, BCNRV-05b and BCNRV-06, have a look at the evolution process of our rovers and how we are improving the optimized way of building it and testing it.
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You can also watch all the Barcelona Moon Team's videos on our YouTube channel.