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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
June 17, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 18
RoverX performs a simple chemical experiment to show its robot arm capability (even it slops some potassium hydroxide solution on the floor):
June 16, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 11
On the eleventh and final day of the lander assembly, the team installed all mass simulators to verify fit. This will be the configuration of the lander structure during shake testing in California. For the purposes of display, the fuel and oxidizer tank mass simulators were replaced with mock fuel tanks. The prototype lander legs were completed, painted and installed on the lander. These legs are for display purposes and will not be installed during testing.
June 16, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 10

The tenth day of lander assembly saw the installation of the payload and thruster mass simulators. Mock fuel tanks were fabricated and progress on making prototype legs was made. These mock tanks and legs are to be installed when the lander is on display. The legs will not be installed during testing.

Astrobotic's open house yesterday and mission to the moon was covered by several media outlets, including CNET and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The completed lander structure was the main attraction. Astrobotic, CMU Build Lunar Lander in X PRIZE Bid Tim Hornyak, CNET
June 16, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 17
Current on board electronics with accelerometer: Right above the main board is the robot arm controller. It performs the processor-intensive task to generate 6 independent servo control signals. The video shows first movements over obstacles resp. obstacle avoidance using the on-board accelerometer: