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Rick Maschek from SS2S reports about the second solid-steam rocket motor test at FAR (also called SAM ---Steam Assisted Motor):
Audrey Lan Sun and Rachel Dompnier talk about their project to research and design a concept for the White Label Space lunar rover control center.
SpaceMETA starts analysis NAO Platform from Aldebaram to help on the algorithms development of the super-sensoring Lunar Module SOLITAIRE. This is a Video about Aldebaran NAO Robot. -- Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti SpaceMETA

Intel sponsors project to launch first Brazilian Lunar Module

Intel will invest resources and grant tools, expertise and technologies for SpaceMETA to place 100% Brazil-made robots in lunar soil by 2012 HIGHLIGHT NEWS:
Over spring break, students and faculty from the Lunar Lion team traveled to NASA Glenn Research Center to participate in a mission design exercise that resulted in the baseline mission concept for the Lunar Lion. Watch the story here:
Dear chemists, chemistry students or pyrotechnists around the world! Markus from Team Selene has discovered a while ago that hexamine can not be oxidized with alkaline earth metal nitrates or alkaline metal nitrates but it is indeed possible with AgNO3:
5. This seems to be a small number, doesn't it? However, it is big enough at the end to bring us step by step to the Moon. Our Team is continuously working on getting higher - we are now climbing our GLXP Stair No. Two. Arriving at the top on this staircase we will have finished
June 18, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 19
The image shows a rendering of a LIDAR/LADAR draft for RoverX and maybe for our scaled-down lander prototype. It makes use of a common in robotics used Sharp IR distance sensor. The original IR LED is replaced by a IR laser diode for long range measurements. The two IR LEDs beside the laser are for short range obstacle detection.
June 18, 2011 - by An Exciting Journey to the Moon
It has been a whirlwind nine or 10 months since Dynetics invited some very impressive organizations to join this group called the Rocket City Space Pioneers (RCSP) and entered the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Tim Pickens, Dynetics’ Chief Propulsion Engineer and Commercial Space Advisor, later to become the RCSP Team Leader, had mentioned to me that the company might get involved in this. He told me it was a big deal, but I had no idea!