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June 13, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 7
The team completed the initial fit check assembly of the lander on Friday. This fit check insures that all pieces fit together optimally before they are bolted together permanently. Shortly after the assembly was completed, disassembly began. Each piece will be examined and cleaned prior to final assembly.
Can advertising by global brands finance ambitious space exploration missions like our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission? This chart compares the budgets of various space agencies with advertising budgets of global brands.
June 13, 2011 - by Final rover design - part 15
A remote control for the rover has been built. The remote control consists mainly of a 433 MHz transmitter module and a micro controller. Data are transmitted via simplified serial. Even complicated movement sequences can be sent and don't need to be manually executed. The remote can also be conntected to a PC and the rover then controlled by a GUI, particular for the complicated movements of the robot arm. The video shows an outdoor test with the remote control. Obviously not only kids love to dig in the dirt:
June 12, 2011 - by Crash or Not to Crash Part 2
On May 20th we held the following competition and Christoper Flanagan won with an answer of 2.95 meters. "JURBAN will be giving away a $15 cash prize to the first student (K-12), to determine the max height our air bag landing system can fall from (starting with zero velocity), and the hit lunar surface at less than 3.1 m/s Hint: constant acceleration equations." See full text here,
June 11, 2011 - by Romit1 starts sending emails :)
Romit1 is getting closer to being ready for space, and as part of that process, it is starting sending emails.
Some new young faces have been seen at Dynetics recently. This is because we have brought in engineering students in the last two weeks who will be working on our Lunar Lander design. As Andy Crocker mentioned in his blog last week, Dynetics and the Rocket City Space Pioneers are hosting four student interns as part of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Robotics Academy. We now have an additional student who started this week to also support serious design efforts relating to our development lander. Peter Davison is our latest student.
As we already demonstrated several times, we take the educational aspect of the Google Lunar X PRIZE very seriously. For example, as part of our educational and public outreach activities, we are running an online article series with Hungarian topics related to space in general, and to the Moon specially.
June 10, 2011 - by Lunar baby
Hi, My name is Mia. I am the daughter of Markus and the reason why my father could not take care on his robot and rocket stuff the whole week. I was born on 7th of June 2011 at 11:15AM in Shanghai, my birth weight is 2970g and I am 50cm tall. At the night of my birth day I saw the half moon from the window of my room in the hospital. Maybe we see each other one day. Zàijiàn! Mia
As a complementary development about breaking the CRAFT on the landing process, SPACEMETA is considering an innovation called EBF System, Eletromagnetic Breaking Flux.