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June 14, 2011 - by Open House for the Lunar Lander
On Wednesday from 11am to 1pm, Astrobotic will host an open house at the Planetary Robotics High Bay to display the fully assembled lunar lander structure before it is shipped off for testing. The High Bay is on the first floor of the Gates Building at Carnegie Mellon University. If you are in or around Pittsburgh, feel free to stop by and see the lander and meet the team!
AU Vidulini part of the Team Synergy Moon last weekend has tested the endurance of some electronics in a flight of a probe hanging under the helium balloon. Last Friday the team gathered from many different parts of Croatia at dr. Anđelko Glivar’s viticulture cottage (and a private astronomical observatory) in Donja Stubica to assembe the H-4 probe. Check the picture gallery!
Late last week, Astrobotic was visited by producer Benny Eriksson and cameraman Arne Ohlin of Swedish television station STV. They are working on a Google Lunar X PRIZE story for the science show "Vetenskapens Varld". The visit included a tour of the facilities and lander progress, a demonstration of the rover, and interviews with Red Whittaker, David Gump, and several team members.

Sonneplanar Space Systems will be picking that up on friday for their ground tests. We previously delivered LOX and RP-1 tanks.
June 14, 2011 - by Lander Assembly: Day 8
After disassembly of the lander, all parts were inspected and cleaned. The frustrum and rover adapter cones were buffed and polished. The lander structure must be thoroughly cleaned before it is shipped from Carnegie Mellon to facilities in California for shake testing. The team scrubs the top of the lander deck
June 14, 2011 - by Will Puli eat the Moon?
There is a lot of popular belief about the Moon, and according to most myths something eats it up during eclipse. According to the belief of some Indian tribes in America, huge dogs hunt the Moon this time, and when they get it, they tear it apart, and it is the blood from its wounds that paint our celestial companion dark red.

The no.1 cabin airframe was preliminary assembled. The two longitudinal pieces aligned perfectly. The team has work to do on the windows frames of the right half of the cabin. After the completion of this the cabin will be finally assembled at the end of this week. Cabin no.1 will be used for the parachute test during the Mission 6.

* Marco Torriani reports that the aluminum fin "foot" fittings have been made. Marco reports that it was necessary to fabricate a suitable die to be used on a hydraulic press to get the right curvature. Marco also reports that he is quite pleased with the results.