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Barcelona Moon Team Lunnik at school

Many schools in Barcelona and Madrid already met the team’s mascot, Barcelona Moon Team LUNNIK, our young lunar explorer and main character of the program “Barcelona Moon Team at school”. This is the team’s educational program, which started some months ago to bring to schools and high schools the Barcelona Moon Team venture at the GLXP.

The visits consists in a two hours workshop in which the youngsters get some general ideas on the Moon, its origin, its recent exploration and the near future that will bring us back there. Barcelona Moon Team LUNNIK introduces to the students its predecessors in the Moon exploration: from the Russian Luna probes and the American Ranger and Surveyor missions, to the Apollos and the most recent missions from Europe, Japan, India, US or China.

After this introduction, the students learn about the reasons for exploring the Moon, and how will the team develop its mission. Following the description of the rover systems and their function, the students can enjoy driving a radio controlled prototype of the team’s lunar rover.

Barcelona Moon Team LUNNIK will continue its personal mission to bring to every Spanish scholar enthusiasm in science, technology, space and entrepreneur spirit. In the pictures attached the recent visit to the school Vila Olimpica in Barcelona.

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