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Barcelona Moon Team and the Space Industry in Spain

2012 can be a crucial year for the space industry in Spain. According to Proespacio, the space industry association, last years have seen a consolidated growing of this industry’s activities, with an invoicing of 700 million Euros in 2010 (an increase of about 10% over 2009). Direct employment also increased about 1%, over 3.200 people.

These results are due to an important increase of annual budget that the Spanish Government provided ESA since year 2000, when it was 111million Euros with around 14% increase every year. Unfortunately the economic crisis in 2008 stalled that increase and the actual sovereign debt crisis in Europe doesn’t offer good perspectives in the Spanish domestic budget dedicated to space through the Defense Ministry either. In the next months we will see which the position of the new conservative government is, currently facing the 2012 Spanish budget.

This fact is important to the Spanish space industry because of the geo-return principle that rules the European space policy: the drop in the annual budget that Spain commits to ESA will be reflected in the contracts that the Spanish companies get in return, and this may slow down a very positive evolution of these companies.

In this situation, when public budgets get reduced, it is crucial to establish new strategies that may help bringing in the industry projects and contracts, not just depending on ESA geo-return policy.

The Barcelona Moon Team involvement in the GLXP is a good opportunity for the Spanish industry: it is a very attractive project to the public, eager for positive news about the future, and an awesome opportunity to get new capabilities for the industry. Getting to the Moon is not just a new RACE, it is a DRIVING project that will open new doors for the industry.

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