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Altran joins the Barcelona Moon Team

In the beginning of September Barcelona Moon Team signed a contract with the Spanish branch of the international technological advisory firm Altran in Barcelona. Xavier Claramunt, Barcelona Moon Team leader, and Alfonso Martínez Fernández, General Director of Altran in Spain signed a contract that establishes the firm’s participation in the competition helping the Barcelona Moon Team in developing its lunar mission.

Altran is a world leader advisory firm in technology and innovation. It has more than 17.000 advisors all around the world, with a strong presence in the space sector, where it has a relevant role in the development of the Ariane 5 launcher, the ISS, the ATV module, as well as many large communications satellites and the main scientific projects like Mars and Venus Express probes, the Herschel-Plank telescope or the SMOS-MIRAS mission. Altran is strategical partner of the EADS Group for the engineering development and I+D+ii of its products. The Spanish branch of Altran has about 2000 advisors and a strong presence in the space sector.

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