Could You Survive a Moon Crash?

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Target Age Group
Middle School through High School

Students will work as a team to understand the essentials for survival on the Moon.

You will need
this worksheet, friends to brainstorm with, pencil

We highly recommend the World Space Week - Heinlein Teacher Guide developed for Spaceweek International Association by Space Education Initiatives and other leading curriculum developers. Funding for this project was provided by the Heinlein Prize Trust. The activities in the Guide are based on the book Have Spacesuit - Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein. Celebrated in 50 countries, World Space Week was declared by the United Nations as October 4-10 annually.

What to do
1. Your spaceship has just crash-landed on the Moon! You are 200 miles (320 km) away from Moon Base 3. It’s midday. (Remember the lunar day lasts 14 Earth days. ) Your crew’s survival depends on reaching the base.

2. Choose the five most critical items from the following 15 items salvaged from your wrecked ship. Your task is to rank the items in terms of their importance for survival on your trek to the safety of the base.

3. Place number one by the most important item, number two by the second most important item, and so on through number fifteen, the least important item. If you get four of the top five right, you’ll survive.

What's Going On?
You can find out by going to the Answer Sheet

Download complete guide as [PDF ]